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Ways of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

A bed bug is a type of insect which does not have wings, and it feeds on the blood of warm-blooded animals especially human beings. Their colors differ, but a dark red color is prominent whenever they have fed. Mainly, bedbugs are found in sofas, beds, mattresses, and other soft furnishings. They prefer a dark environment so they will mostly attack a person at night when the lights are switched off. Bed bugs feed on people’s blood when they are asleep. Bedbugs have become a big problem in both private and public sheltering areas. When you notice that you have bedbugs in your home, you need to remove them. Below are some of the ways of removing bed bugs from your home.

Remove clutters from your room and clean the infested garments and linens. High chances are that you will find some bed bugs in the items found in a room infested with bed bugs. Remove all the personal items including blankets, electronics, and toys from the room. Bed linen and infested garments should also be removed from the room. Garments removed from the room should be cleaned using very hot water to get rid of any bed bugs or bed bugs’ eggs. To avoid transferring the bed bugs to other rooms, you need to be very careful when removing items from the infested room.

Dismantle bed frames and dresser drawers. Most of the time bed bugs hide in furniture cracks. In order to expose those hiding places, you need to dismantle bed frames and dresser drawers. Look for any available bed bugs there and kill them using an insecticide or very hot water. To ensure that no bed bug is left on the dresser drawer and bed frames, you need to clean them thoroughly. Remove any fabric from the bed and also clean it. You can cover the mattress to ensure that bed bugs do not enter or exit from the mattress. Any bed bugs between dresser drawers and walls should be exposed by pulling the dresser drawers away from the walls.

The infested area should be cleaned. A brush whose bristles are stiff should be used when cleaning. Dislodging of bed bugs’ eggs will be successful when you use such a brush. Cracks and crevices on the furniture should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaning. Particles which are available in the cracks and crevices of the furniture will be removed, and hence the insecticide will penetrate in there. A good number of bed bugs in the room will be removed by the vacuum cleaner.

You need to spray the room and furniture using an insecticide. After the insecticide is sprayed, the room will be free of bed bugs. Use insecticides which are in liquid form. One can get rid of bed bugs by following the steps mentioned above.

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