Three Principles That Website Design Agencies Like WSI Always Respect

Anyone can design a website, but it takes quite a bit of skill, discipline, and knowledge to produce a great one. Businesses sometimes fail to appreciate the importance of website design and end up paying for properties that do not serve or represent them well.

By always respecting some fundamentally important principles, design firms like WSI make sure to deliver results that will impress their clients. A quick look at a few of these will reveal that most are fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

A Few Firm Principles Guide Most Successful Website Design Projects

Website design is an activity that allows for plenty of creativity and artistic vision. In practice, though, there is also a good deal of rigorous, technical work involved in most such work.

The best website designers tend to abide by some fairly well-established guidelines on most of their projects. Some of those that are considered most important are:

  • Keep things consistent. Most businesses of any size will have some level of branding helping to keep things cohesive across a variety of different domains. That same commitment to consistency should always be carried over to a new website or even heightened, where appropriate. Consistency not only helps make a company’s brand stronger, it also leaves a website looking and feeling more professional and credible.
  • Avoid clutter. An overly cluttered website will always be difficult to navigate and unpleasant to use. The best websites tend to feature plenty of open space and a minimum of distinct elements on each page. It will normally be better to err on the side of minimalism than to clutter things up too much.
  • Make smart use of breadcrumbs. Every website session develops a history as it progresses. While visitors will most often be looking to go forward, they will sometimes want to take a step back. Websites that feature breadcrumbs which make it easy to retrace earlier steps tend to be easier to use in this fashion.

Professionalism Pays Off

Website designers who respect principles like these with their work tend to produce better output than others. Looking for a website design company that is thoughtful and strategic in its approach will always be advisable and worthwhile.