How BlueSnap Expands Bussines Possibilities

Paying for what you want, or need has become varied and limited at the same time. The traditional choices of cash or credit card are now just two options among many. Today, people use electronic payments via Paypal, Apple pay and other E wallet platforms.

Global Currency

Businesses operate online whether a physical location is maintained or not. The internet offers global reach and creates a vast number of new target audiences. This allows businesses to grow and increase revenue if the capacity to accept foreign currency exists. A payment platform that cannot process global currencies drastically limits the extend to which the business can prosper.

Multiple Platforms

The practice of using multiple platforms to process different types of payments is confusing and expensive. Reviewing and applying reporting information from all those service providers takes enormous effort and time. This, in turn, means business owners are not focusing all their energy on running the business.

Each payment platform determines monthly fees, contract terms and cost per transaction. The pricing is different so paying for all of them adds up to more money than an owner should have to pay. There is another way to process payments and accept multiple currencies using only one platform instead of many.


By combining technology with global banking, BlueSnap has created one platform to process an extensive list of payment types, including global currencies. It is easier and cheaper for business owners and staff to take payments from customers for subscriptions, online educational programs and marketplaces. Point of sale, mobile sales, Software as a Service (SaaS) and the establishment of virtual terminals are also possible on one platform.

One advanced feature is analysis and detailed reporting. The information is concise, clear and complete. This eliminates the issue of attempting to read and absorb reports from multiple platforms. Owners of businesses will plan what sells well and what items or services can be discontinued based on one accurate report.


Review the capacity and cost of each current platform set up to suit the needs of the business. Decide if these platforms are under-performing or performing as expected. Once that is done, discover options and plans available in the all-in-one platform.