Doing Survival The Right Way

Tips to Help You Start a Survival Fire

There are numerous ways to start a fire if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need one. In the survival situations, you will need to have a fire to cook some food and keep yourself warm. However, you need to realize that fire can be very destructive, and you should be careful when handling one.

You will first need to find some firewood and small twigs regardless of whatever way you are planning to use to start the survival fire. You will need to find a finger-sized wood to use as your starting wood. You will also need to gather some larger pieces of wood to keep the fire burning. You need to clear the area you are starting the fire to prevent is from accidentally spreading to an area where you do not want it. It will be good to avoid starting any fires in the woods when the day is extremely dry and windy.

When you are going to the woods, it will be best if you carry a disposable cigarette lighter. There is no need for you to try and be a hero and you can carry even more than two lighters. These lighters are lightweight, will take very little space and are sure to work very well.

When you have the flashlight with you, you can use the batteries to help you start a fire. It will also be helpful if you have the steel wool with you. You will find that the steel wood is made up of numerous metal fibers that are small and will glow orange when the electricity from these batteries passes through them. It will be good if you can also include the steel wool in your survival kit.

You will be able to use various sources to buy your steel and flint. You should also take the time to do some practice on striking the two and sending a spark to your tinder. You can find that you are in a survival situation where you have access to a piece of steel. When you practice, this will help you get ready for when you are in such a case.

You should also try to use the friction method. This is usually what many people will think of first when they want to start a fire for survival. You will find that most people tend to use the fire bow method though there are several other methods of friction. You may think that this method is very easy, but you will find that you will need a lot of practice for you to manage to get it right.

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