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Exploring the World of Payment Platforms

It seems the ecommerce world is in full force these days with online sales topping $3.45 trillion last year and accounting for almost 14 percent of the retail sector. Within the next 20 years, an estimated 95 percent of the planet’s retail sales are expected to take place online. That being said, some people still enjoy doing their shopping on-site rather than online. Because of this, brick-and-mortar sales aren’t going to completely fade away any time soon.

Payment Options in a Nutshell

In light of the growing and increasingly diverse shopping options available to consumers, businesses are on an ongoing mission to explore new payment platforms and seek out greater possibilities. While a wide range of options are on the market these days, businesses’ needs and consumers’ expectations fall into three primary categories at present.

  • Online Acceptance: Retailers who accept payments online require merchant accounts and specific payment gateways. A long list of alternatives is available, and it continues to grow. In most cases, sellers benefit most from the ones with low processing fees and the capacity to support numerous payment options, such as debit and credit cards and virtual wallets. They must be compatible with the merchant’s shopping carts for true effectiveness.
  • In-Store Terminals: Point-of-sale terminals, in one form or another, can be found in virtually every store these days. Some systems serve the basic function of processing payments while others offer numerous features, such as inventory management, accounting and analytics. To avoid a great deal of added integration expense, these systems should be compatible with the hardware already being used in the store.
  • Virtual Processing: Virtual terminals work in much the same way as their physical counterparts but don’t use physical card scanners or chip readers. Instead, the user manually inputs debit or credit card numbers. These are generally best suited to small stores or home-based businesses.

In many cases, retailers require a combination of these options to fully reach their sales potential, and they all need to be interconnected with one another. These all-inclusive payment solutions, such as the ones available from BlueSnap give merchants greater versatility and functionality among other benefits. Whatever the specific needs at hand may be, cost, user-friendliness and customization are crucial features.

3 Ways That Payment Gateways Benefit Businesses

Not long ago most businesses were considered modern if they accepted credit cards which they swiped using a manual device. Today companies that want to remain competitive rely on payment gateways like BlueSnap. A payment gateway is a merchant service that quickly authorizes payments for online retailers, e-businesses, bricks and clicks companies, and bricks and mortar businesses. An effective payment platform makes customer checkout simpler and allows buyers to use a variety of payment types. Gateways also provide data that allows merchants to assess their progress.

Payment Gateways Simplify Checkout

One of the reasons that merchants need payment services is the vast number of payment options that are now available. Millions of customers rely on speedy online and mobile checkout as well as POS transactions. A gateway makes accepting these payments simple. It also allows clients to accept invoice payments, subscriptions, and transactions via virtual terminals. They can even set up services that handle the details of payments from marketplace sellers.

Merchants Can Accept Global Payments

Companies also use payment platforms to expand their global reach by accepting payments from customers using their local currencies and credit cards. For example, a U.S. merchant using a gateway service might be able to accept payments made using Argencard (Argentina), China Union Pay, DinaCard (Republic of Serbia), and Hipercard (Brazil). Customers also have the option of using commonly accepted Diners Club, AMEX, and JCB cards. In addition, shoppers may pay with local currencies, eWallets, and ACH. Payment platforms connect to multiple banks around the globe which speeds transactions.

Analytics Provide Critical Information

Merchants choose payment gateways in order to get current, useful information about their businesses. Platforms provide merchants with access to a variety of reports that contain critical information designed to help them optimize their payment processes. Platforms offer a single view that tracks company performance. Dashboards analyze conversion rates, make it simple to reconcile the books, and help business owners identify and eliminate bad transactions.

Merchants who want to compete in today’s markets rely on payment platforms to streamline their processes. A well-designed payment gateway can make checkout simpler for customers and provide them with a wide variety of payment options. Payment gateways also provide convenient data that allows merchants to evaluate their processes.

Rise Above E Commerce Competition with BlueSnap

Shopping online for goods and services is now the preferred way to acquire needed and desired items. People, businesses, groups, and students are exploring the internet for supplies, personal items, fundraising opportunities, legal services, training, and classes or certifications. More and more E commerce sites are introduced online daily, but the demand means competition is still fierce.

Keeping a Site Relevant

One way to stand out from similar websites is to change and adapt to trends. Introducing new retail items, such as fall fashions or the latest smart phone, will make the site a “go-to” one for a wide targeted audience. Presenting a new approach to learning or certifications that lead to higher paying job opportunities will keep the site relevant to those who wish to improve their current situation.

Digital Marketing

Reaching people where they are most likely to see exciting information regarding the website is the goal of digital marketing. Pages on social media sites can be shared by current customers and attract potential ones. Follow up emails or texts to shoppers who have included an address or telephone number with their orders are beneficial. This strategy can be used to thank them for their recent purchases, and encourage them to place more orders.

A list of emails and cell numbers that is comprised of information left voluntarily will produce more positive outcomes when sending out exclusive special offers and coupons. A live chat on the website indicates a dedication to top quality customer service that consumers will appreciate. Discover ways digital marketing can add to the reach of the website.

Payment Options

Going above and beyond traditional payment options will end serious barriers to global transactions. Accepting payments utilizing only major credit cards prevent thousands of customers from placing orders. One remedy is an all-in-one solution via a single payment platform, such as BlueSnap, that allows payment in a variety of mediums in multiple currencies.

Check out pages in several languages also lets the site stand out from the competition, as well as increasing conversion rates. There are few things more frustrating than finding something online and realizing you cannot order it because of limitations regarding payment. Eliminate that barrier and enjoy organic and ongoing increases in traffic and revenues.

Four Must-Have Accessories for Avid Gamers

As the number of gamers around the world soars past the two billion mark, it’s more evident than ever that gaming isn’t just a passing fad. Each new game to be released is more realistic than the one before. Storylines are becoming more intricate, and play is increasingly complicated. All this brings about an unprecedented level of immersion as well as a need for certain accessories to make the experience more satisfying.

Gaming Headsets

Headsets can make or break the gaming experience. Those best suited to players’ needs and preferences offer a wide range of features. They have noise canceling capabilities to seal out the outside world and allow multiple layers of in-game sounds to come through with ultimate clarity and depth. Gaming headsets also give you the ability to communicate with other players more clearly.

Specialized Keyboards

Specially designed keyboards are to online gaming what polyhedral dice are to strategy board games. They provide greater functionality, make certain moves simpler and improve the overall interactive experience with specific gaming keys. When you’re not in game mode, they also pull double duty as fully functional standard keyboards.

Gaming Mice

With more sensors than a traditional mouse and far superior linear action, a gaming mouse allows for more flexibility and greater precision. These accessories improve your speed, agility, response time and many other facets of game play. They’re usually sleeker and better suited to the shape of players’ hands than standard versions and most even allow for setup customization. Besides that, they just look cool.

CPU Coolers

These may not be the most exciting gaming accessories on the market, but they’re no less crucial. Games draw a great deal of energy from computers, and keeping them going generates far more heat than simple scrolling and streaming. This means a computer won’t function as quickly and efficiently during game play with a standard built-in cooling fan. Traditional fan-style coolers and liquid-cooling versions are on the market with several variations of each.

Countless accessories are available for those who are dedicated to online gaming. They’re designed to take the experience up a notch from numerous angles. Don’t hesitate to research the latest selection and find a few of your own must-haves to add to these common essentials.