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Services You Can Apply in Managing Work Truancy When you are faced with shortage of employees in your, business significant changes are reported. Significant losses and reduced production is reported when your employees are ever on leave. You must therefore do what you have to do to prevent and minimize the possibility of truancy if you are to make any progress in your company. Depending on your organization’s norms and principles, there are different approaches to use on management of absenteeism. It is impossible to have everyone at work all working days as people are compelled to be at different locations on the situations they face in life. In order to observe humanity, companies must know when to tolerate absenteeism and when to call for total availability. One of the steps you can take is monitoring and measuring absence. You cannot reduce any inconsistency in work attendance if you have no proof of the participation sessions. A simple monitoring system requires all workers to fill papers that fully state both the planned and the unplanned absence. There are times when your employees know that they cannot manage to go to work and so they should fill in the details.
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Some other times are noted when your employees need time off from work. Unplanned would include emergency periods for some unavoidable situations. With the monitoring and the measuring policy, absenteeism is counter checked.
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To the company when they know they will not be in for work. No other communication strategy should be employed when reporting a workers absence other than a voice call. Let them explain their reasons to incapacitate them from attending work. You should set some disciplinary action that will your employees fear uncalled for absence. If able, you should hire a doctor to be at your company throughout. General medicals and preventative health care should be offered to the employees when necessary. If you have a company doctor, you can have your workers stay for the job without going for a medical leave. You can also choose to treat your employees better in the bid to reduce truancy. You should take advantage of the measures you can offer to your services if they will contribute to minimized truancy. You should give time breaks for some exercises, fitness instruction and healthy education for your workers. You should also have a written absence policy document. It should have clearly documented and communicated to employees and management team. You should incorporate some opinions concerning absenteeism from all the stakeholders of your business. It is advised that the policy gets reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the organizations objectives for managing absence.